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18 years in prison

18 years in prison for criticizing Xi.

Plotting violence ahead of rallies

*Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies.*

*Patriots Coalition members suggested political assassinations and said ‘laws will be broken, people will get hurt’, leaked chats show.*

We all suspected this, but we could not be sure. Now we know that the bully's supporters are a criminal gang.

Assange extradition hearings

I have not had time to keep up with Craig Murray's coverage of Julian Assange's extradition hearings, so here are the links.

Day 8.

Day 9.

Day 10.

Day 11.

Day 12.

Day 13.

Day 14.

Day 15.

2C of global heating

After 2C of global heating, Antarctic ice melt would raise sea level 2.7 meters.

That would be in addition to the effects of melting in Greenland and the expansion of the ocean due to its own heating. I don't know what the total would be.

Freedom to blaspheme

French journalists unite to back Charlie Hebdo and the freedom to blaspheme.

Weird burning sensation

(satire) *Earth reportedly expressed hope Tuesday that a weird burning sensation was nothing serious.*

Sandwich method

(satire) *… Xi Jinping jailed Chinese real estate tycoon Ren Zhiqiang Tuesday for failing to use the sandwich method of constructive criticism when condemning him.*

Amnesty denied access

Amnesty International rebukes the UK for denying it access to monitor Assange's extradition hearing.

If it were not for Craig Murray's coverage, the hearing would be effectively secret. This is what we expect from outright tyrannies such as China, but apparently the UK is approaching the same level of decay.

Scope of Pebble Mine

The developers of the Pebble Mine in Alaska pretend it will be 5 square miles, which is merely large, but what they say in private is that it will be enormous.

Tapping phones of protesters

*If Report Proven, ACLU Says Federal Agents Tapping Phones of Protesters Would Be 'Outrageous' Constitutional Violation.*

Derecognizing journalists

Hong Kong's puppet government has derecognized most journalists, as a preparatory step for repression.

Remember this if politicians in your country try to impose rules about who is a journalist and who is not. For instance, if they claim that Julian Assange is not a journalist.

QAnon orphans

*The QAnon orphans: people who have lost loved ones to conspiracy theories.*

Cults like these used to be run as businesses: Scientology, and the Moonies. As far as I know, there is no one business profiting off QAnon. But with so many credulous people, I'm sure there are people with plans to profit off exploiting them in a tight, cult-like way.

Door-to-door at JPMorgan

(satire) *As the Democratic presidential nominee ramped up his in-person efforts to get out the vote, members of the Joe Biden campaign reportedly went door-to-door Tuesday in the JPMorgan Chase headquarters.*

Chosen to run the Pentagon

Medea Benjamin: reports say that Biden will choose, to run the Pentagon, the architect of the US policy of military intimidation around the world.

Biden is proving to be every bit as bad as we expected last spring. I expect he will put money into the military rather than saving poor Americans from total misery. *Facebook says it may quit Europe over ban on sharing data with US.*

This is the road to victory! Make sure Facebook leaves Europe, and the US, and then everywhere else.

Coronavirus inflicts American deaths equivalent to a 9/11 every few days

* Coronavirus inflicts American deaths equivalent to a 9/11 every few days, but [the wrecker] and his allies seem blithely unconcerned.*

Republicans don't care if other people die, but in 2001 they had a chance to gain by making a fuss about some Americans who died. Whereas today they have a chance to gain by pretending it isn't happening.

EU greenhouse gases from livestock

*Greenpeace says [the EU] must get a grip on reducing greenhouse gases from livestock or risk missing Paris agreement targets.*

Austin, Texas voted to cut the thug department's budget

Austin, Texas, voted to cut the thug department's budget. Texas Governor Abbott threatens to cut Austin's taxes as a punishment for this, and put the city's thug department under the control of the lawless and cruel state thug department.

The article starts by describing how the state thugs attacked Lauren Mestas. Her car had slogans such as FUCK THESE RACIST POLICE, and "all cops are bastards." A thug was so offended by this that he believed he was entitled to bring many thugs to point guns at her, then force her out of the car, which they ruined ‐ demonstrating that at least Texas state cops are bastards.

Chine's insufficient pledge to be carbon-neutral

China has made a glaringly insufficient pledge to be carbon-neutral by 2060.

Counting valid postal ballots

The cheater hopes courts will stop states from counting valid postal ballots that arrive after election day.

By itself, this is merely unfair. But when combined with DeJoy's efforts to delay mail, it adds up to sabotage.

Use 'Every Procedural Tool Available' to stop Trump from filling RBG vacancy

*Ocasio-Cortez Demands Democrats Use 'Every Procedural Tool Available' to Stop Trump From Filling RBG Vacancy.*

I completely agree.

Adjunct professors

Covid-19 has made adjunct professors even more likely to be junct. They also fear losing their medical insurance, although many of them already have none. If they get sick, they can be fired rather than treated.

They would not have that danger if the US had a national medical system. In general, a national medical system can encourage hiring workers because the state can fund their medical treatment by taxing profits rather than taxing employment.

Cat and mouse

Matthew Carney recounts more of the Chinese psychological game of cat and mouse, threatening him and his family.

You may have a mission to do in China which is so important that you take the risk of being thrown in prison for political reasons. But don't bring your family with you!

Dirty Cash

*Calls for Major Reforms After Leaked Docs Detail How Big Banks Help Criminals and Oligarchs Launder Their 'Dirty Cash'.*

Covid-19 and aerosols

The CDC posted notice that Covid-19 can be spread via aerosols. Then, a few days later, it deleted that notice.

Can anyone find the evidence about spread via aerosols?

Climate emergency is a crime

*The Climate Emergency Isn't Just a Crisis, It's a Crime.* The fossil fuel companies are the mobsters that organized the crime.

Clean energy makes more jobs than dirty energy, but "creating jobs" is used as an excuse for subsidizing the latter.

A heavily subsidized Shell plant is an example of this.

I have to point out, though, that employment is a secondary consideration when the survival of civilization and the ecosphere is at stake. What would be the sense in paying people to poison our future, even if it did make lots of jobs?

It would be better to create jobs by paying them to move a big pile of gravel from one lot to another, with shovels. At least that work wouldn't do any harm.

Working against women's rights

*AT&T, Coca Cola, Disney, Nike, Procter & Gamble and Uber all target female consumers and promote women-friendly work environments, yet they bankroll candidates who actively work against women’s rights.*

Health security

*We need to create a new framework for health security.*

Control of state legislatures

Republicans put a lot of effort, 10 years ago, into winning control of state legislatures so they could gerrymander subsequent elections. Democrats need to win them back.

Tuning distancing rules

Bogus Johnson has tuned the distancing rules for the UK, hoping this will stop the rapid growth in Covid-19 cases.

Experience with him suggests that he has no solid basis to think that it will do so. I don't have a solid basis to think it won't, but since tuning has been insufficient in many other places, I predict it will be insufficient this time too.

Paying fines of ex-cons

Bloomberg is paying the fines for 31,000 Florida ex-cons so that they will be able to vote this year.

It should not be forgotten that the Florida election was not actually close. It appeared to be so after Republicans disenfranchised around 50,000 voters, chosen systematically in a way that ensured most of them would be black and therefore probably Democrats.

Tasing sleeping man

Australian thugs found a man drunk and asleep, so they pepper-sprayed and tased him to wake him up. Then they made false charges against him. So far, so usual. Except that he was a famous professional rugby player and there is a video of what they did to him.

The thug commissioner seems to have a great capacity to sympathize with thugs, but insufficient sympathy for everyone else. I was surprised that his list of ways to deal with the situation did not include having four people pick him up, each holding one limb. That doesn't generally hurt, and he might have stayed asleep.

Underwater country

*A third of my country (Bangladesh) was just underwater. The world must act on climate.*

Uber for evicting people

*Gig Economy Company Launches (a company like) Uber, but for Evicting People.*

Exporting castes

Many upper-caste Indian engineers have moved to the US. Alas, they have brought caste prejudice with them.

The Indian I admire most is Dr Ambedkar, who was the leader of the Dalits. I urge people to read a biography of him. The one I read was Ambedkar — Toward an Enlightened India, by Gail Omvedt.

Please do not buy this (or anything) from Amazon!

At the end of his life, Ambedkar developed a rationalist form of Buddhism which he called Navayana.

Jai Bhim!

Mistrusting water

*'It smells bad, it tastes bad': how Americans stopped trusting their water.*

UK woman fired from her job at a school for posting same-sex marriage disapproval

A woman in the UK was fired from her job at a school for posting, elsewhere, a statement disapproving of same-sex marriage.

I disagree with her views, but we must respect her right to state them. Her employer should have to respect that, too.

As it happens, she made the statement based on her religion, but that should make no difference. An Atheist should also have the same right to state those views, or other views, as a religious believer.

Funders of the State Policy Network

The State Policy Network aims at *crushing unions, promoting fossil fuels and undermining climate science, eliminating regulations and cutting taxes, privatizing education, stopping Medicaid expansion, and hiding the identities of political donors.* Now we know 100 of its funders.

It would be useful to develop a consumer boycott list based on this information.

Cyprus blocked the EU from putting sanctions on Belarus

Cyprus blocked the EU from putting sanctions on Belarus, using the issue as a pawn.

Cyprus demands the EU take its side in the dispute about which country will get to extract fossil fuel from the Mediterranean Sea and convert it into planet-roasting greenhouse gas. It seems that the EU does not recognize that it must never be done. Why not?

There are many low-lying coastal cities in Turkey, which will be inundated by global heating. I don't think Turks want them to be flooded. Don't they realize?

156 countries agree to Covid vaccine allocation deal

*'Landmark moment': 156 countries agree to Covid vaccine allocation deal.* People who are particularly vulnerable, due to their conditions or their work, will get priority. In the US, rich people will be first.

Alexei Navalny demands Russia return the clothes he was wearing

Alexei Navalny demands Russia return the clothes he was wearing when he was poisoned, as evidence.

Half of the world's known oil reserves will never be used

BP has confirmed that half the world's known oil reserves will never be used and are worthless. This article speculates about political consequences.

The article also talks about reviving carbon capture, but that technology was only hypothetical. If it is ever made to work, let's do it, but don't pretend it is available technology.

The plan to make hydrogen from methane is misguided. Methane wells leak lots of methane. Transporting methane leaks too. To add to that, making hydrogen from natural gas releases CO2! That is a bad way to make hydrogen.

As for the idea that there is something wasteful about using green electricity to make hydrogen, that would make sense if we were hitting a limit on supply of solar and wind energy. The real limit is how much of those facilities we build, and we can ramp that up.

Meanwhile, how come Greece, Cyprus and Turkey are still fighting about possible oil reserves under the sea? Have they not grasped this news? Or is there something not known to me, nor described in the article, which makes those new undersea reserves worth something despite all the other known reserves that won't be used?

Yelp is screwing over restaurants

*Yelp is Screwing Over Restaurants By Quietly Replacing Their Phone Numbers.* The phone numbers add tracking before connecting to a restaurant, so that Grubhub can bill for a marketing fee.

Fight against monopolies and tax havens

The global fight against monopolies and tax havens is picking up.

The article also reminds us that the fight against excessive market concentration is not limited to blocking mergers and breaking up large companies. Though we need to do a lot of that, and my tax proposal can help.

Israeli Parliament votes down equality for Palestinian-Israelis

*Affirming Jim Crow, Israeli Parliament Votes Down Bill Guaranteeing Equality for Palestinian-Israelis.*

Right-wing scapegoating parties

Right-wing scapegoating parties are doing very well against plutocratist parties, since plutocratists around the world have crushed and silenced the left.

Republicans aren't hypocrites

*Republicans Aren't Hypocrites.* To be a hypocrite, you have to stand for principles.

According to this article, Republicans are cynics that don't care about any political positions, except as ways to give their supporters enemies to win victories over.

Friday school climate strikes

Friday school climate strikes are starting again.

Offending China with reporting on repression

In 2018, China threatened to imprison Australian journalist Matthew Carney, and his wife, and their teenage daughter — separately — for a fabricated visa crime, for offending China with his reporting on repression.

Carney kept silent about this until now for the safety of other Australian journalists.

Both the US and China have imprisoned whole families, often separating children and teenagers from their parents. I don't know which country does this more often. There are not very many foreign journalists in China but there are millions of Uighurs.

Another similarity is that both countries do this as part of a campaign to attack truth.

But the US does not do this to foreign journalists. It is trying to imprison Julian Assange, which is evil, but it is not trying to imprison his mate and their children.

Alaska community changed forever by climate change

*I'm 18 and can already see my Alaska community changed forever by climate change.*

Meet the doomers

*Meet the doomers: why some young US voters have given up hope on climate.*

I agree with their estimation of our future. But they are wrong to give up the fight because of the situation.

They are right that avoiding disaster calls for big national efforts which current governments refuse to do. (I call them "planet roasters" because of that refusal.) And it is too late to fully avoid the disaster.

But it is not too late to avoid part of the disaster. If 20% of species go extinct, instead of 50%, that will be a great conservation achievement. If heating kills 8 billion people in this century rather that 11 billion, that will mean saving 3 billion human lives.

Whatever we achieve in preservation of democracy and human rights will also make a lasting difference, if civilization survives.

Fortunately, some of the young people are not giving up.

Whatever universities do by 2030, or by 2050, will not make a big difference directly. But pressuring universities into rapid action can lead to broader actions that are bigger.

Immigrant rights groups urge senators to block Iris Lan's nomination

*Immigrant rights groups urge New York senators to block Iris Lan’s nomination to serve as a federal judge in the southern district.*

I hope they can do so, but Republicans have already disregarded that traditional Senate practice.

Australia's mining companies destroying ancient sites

Australia's laws give mining companies great license to destroy ancient sites with their mines. One might think they were designed to do that.

I am not persuaded by the "sacred site" argument, because no religion deserves special deference from people who are not its adherents. Every church is someone's "sacred site", but that should not protect all churches from eminent domain and demolition. (For the same reason, I do not call priests "father".) What we owe to other people's religions, in general, is to respect people's right to practice their religions.

What is special about these sites is not that someone's religion calls them "sacred," but that they are irreplaceable relics from humanity's past. That applies to some churches and other religious buildings and objects, too. Typically those are already protected, except that sometimes fanatical religion attacks them.

The QAnon fantasy

The QAnon fantasy enables right-wing believers to feel they are protecting innocent children. Alas, the protect those children from a fantasy danger which distracts people from the real source of real sexual abuse.

The QAnon fantasy resembles a cancer in the body of knowledge. Just as cancer cells have become disconnected from the rules and needs of the body they are supposed to be part of, QAnonsense beliefs are disconnected from the body of real knowledge and real society's real needs. Whatever variant appeals more to the susceptible, will spread.

This jamming together of conspiracies reminds me of a great work of fiction from the 1970s: the Illuminatus trilogy. It presents a fictional world in which every well-known conspiracy theory of the day is posited as true, and weaves them together by inventing connections that are literally consistent but shockingly implausible.

For instance, three assassins had separately gone to Dallas to shoot President Kennedy, and the agent who was there to save Kennedy — John Dillinger — decided he couldn't possibly stop all three, except by shooting Kennedy before they did. Completely preposterous, but it wasn't meant to be believed.

What was delightful absurdity as fiction in Illuminatus becomes a dangerous delusion when taken seriously by the credulous.

Two expert witnesses in Assange's hearing

On the testimony of two expert witnesses in Assange's hearing.

Clive Stafford Smith, a lawyer who defends the rights of people faced with torture and assassination by the US government and campaigns against those activities, testified about cases that had been helped Wikileaks releases, and about how US trials about publication of secrets really work, and explained that the indictment included a charge of "conspiracy" for which everything Wikileaks released, which had come from Manning, would be pertinent.

One thing that amazed me was his assertion that Obama had decided not to prosecute Assange. This amazed me because Obama certainly did not call off the teams that were keeping him bottled up in the Ecuadorian embassy. It has been thoroughly established that Sweden and the UK were manipulating the Swedish charges rather than trying honestly to pursue them.

Mark Feldstein, an expert on journalistic practices, testified about how journalists ask source for leaks of secrets and how they protect the leakers. He said that the things Assange is accused of doing were standard practice.

The witnesses had prepared based on the old indictment and have been denied a chance to study the new one carefully, as described in a previous report.

Shutting down gangs outside cities

UK cops report that they have learned how to shut down the gangs that sell cocaine and heroin outside cities.

I congratulate them, because cocaine and heroin are dangerous, but this focus on the punitive approach can't ever stop the sale of those drugs. As the article recognizes, someone else will always show up to sell them.

What will make those drugs nearly disappear is to adopt a more intelligent approach — the one that works in the Netherlands and in Portugal.

This approach is for the national medical system to let addicts register, then give them drugs of reliable purity to use, and safe places to use them. When the main buyers are not buying from private sellers, most of the market will disappear, and so will the private selling.

Double CO2 emissions

*World's richest 1% cause double CO2 emissions of poorest 50%, says Oxfam.*

However, I disagree with the recommendations. Instead of "using the carbon budget for the best," we must use as little of it as possible.

When we speak of the carbon budget, we are making an estimate of how much more emissions we can make before a certain level of disaster. We don't know exactly how much, and more emissions means a worse disaster. It is valid to say, "If we emit considerably more than the carbon budget, we will make life horrible." It is not valid to say, "If we emit a little less than the carbon budget, we will be ok."

If we could be certain, absolutely certain, that we had done enough to avoid disaster, perhaps at that point we could switch to the goal of helping the poor.

But since disaster is already starting, it is pretty clear we have already failed to do enough. So we must do the most we can.

*The climate crisis will sweep away my country if the world doesn't keep its promises.*

What we have to do for the people of many regions that are threatened — many of whom are among the poorest 50% — is cut emissions ASAP.

Thugs dox

Activists doxed 1,000 Belarusian thugs.

We don't know from the information in the article whether they are hackers. We also don't know whether they are crackers — we don't know whether they had to break computer security to get the data.

But I can say with certainty that they struck a good blow against Lukashenko's tyranny.

Doxing someone is like a kind of violence. Ordinarily, it is bad to do violence to others, but there are situations where it is justified. When the thugs are carrying out violent repression of dissidents, it is justified for dissidents to respond with counter-violence.

It may or may not be a good tactic. In this case, because doxing is a warning rather than actual physical harm, I think it is a good tactic.

Walmart, Amazon and QAnon

Walmart and Amazon supported the campaign of a candidate who promotes the QAnon fantasy.

Saudi nuclear bomb

(satire) *U.S. officials told reporters Thursday they were hurt that Saudi Arabia would try to develop its own nuclear weapon rather than just asking nicely for one from America.*

Prisoners and wildfires

California hires lots of prisoners to help fight wildfires. But it is hard for ex-prisoners to get a job to do this: fire departments exclude them because of their prison record.

Advice to BP

Advice to BP (Billionaire Polluters) if it is serious about transitioning to green energy.

Many oil companies are going bankrupt, and the rest face a dim future. We can count on them to try to extract every last dollar from their operations, leaving nothing to pay for the sealing of their wells.

We need to pass laws to collect a substantial well-sealing tax which will go into a fund to seal old wells.

Giving away control to Corporations

Ralph Nader: *Why Do Americans Give Away So Much Control to Corporations?*

I disagree with Nader on one point. The problem with giving personal information to companies is not that they get it without paying. It is that they get it at all. Simply having the data and using them gives them power over people. So don't be distracted by the proposals to make them pay for the data, one way or another; they don't go far enough.

One way or the other

Most of the US is in the zones to be affected by climate disaster, one way or another. If you don't get fires, or water shortage, you get hurricanes or torrential raines. Here's a map.

Education in prisons

Lori Loughlin will serve her prison sentence in a prison near her new home. The prison has many educational programs, including creative skills and job skills.

All prisons should offer such lessons. That is called "rehabilitation" — a concept American prisons used to practice, but forgot about under Reagan's spirit of cruelty.

Lori Loughlin does not need to learn a new trade, but many prisoners do, and it can be the opportunity to change from a life of crime to a life as a good citizen.

Is it silly to teach arts, including music? Some prisoners can make an emotional contact with an art and see that there is something in life other than what you can get for yourself.

What bothers me is not that Ms Loughlin's prison has these things. It is that so many prisons don't.

It would be fair to make wealthy prisoners pay for participating in these programs — but that is dangerous, because it might lead to charging poor prisoners for participating in them. That we must not do!

Replacing Justice Ginsburg

Democrats and progressives are pressuring Republicans not to try to replace Justice Ginsburg this year.

It may be possible to succeed. Several Republican senators now running for reelection are reported not to want to vote on this.

The issue of replacing Justice Ginsburg is boosting support for Democrats in senate races.

I am concerned that what Schumer and other Democrats are now saying — "Appoint another justice now and we will expand the Supreme Court" — might be interpreted as promising the converse: "Don't appoint another justice now, and we won't expand the Supreme Court." That worries me, because we need to expand the Supreme Court. We should do this to cancel Gorsuch and Kavanaugh; we should do this to reverse plutocratist decisions made before them, including the Corporations United decision and the weakening of the Voting Rights Act and the decision that applied "religious freedom" co companies.

Making a demon of JK Rowling

*Making a demon of JK Rowling is a wretched sport, born of misogyny and resentment.*

I continue to rebuke Rowling for her unjust lawsuit against people who bought one of her books, and since them I have refused on principle to buy any of her books. But I do not hate her. She does not deserve to be vilified based on distortions of what she said.

Prosecution of soldiers

Bogus Johnson is proposing to create three new obstacles against prosecuting UK soldiers for war crimes including torture.

Fortunately the International Criminal Court will be able to prosecute them if the British government does not try.

No army is immune to the temptation to vent anger through war crimes. If a country protects its own soldiers from charges, it in effect encourages war crimes. The world is full of bad examples; the UK has been a good example until now.

Bringing back normal

*A Biden victory cannot bring normal back.*

Even if it could, that would hardly be desirable except in contrast to the present. The old "normal" was pretty bad for most Americans, and climate mayhem is making it rapidly worse.

The article uses the non-US definition of "liberalism", meaning deregulation of business. In the US, "liberalism" is the term we have used for many decades for the agenda now more often called "progressive".

Medical care for all has been a liberal program since the New Deal. Likewise workers' rights, and support for the poor. By the 1960s it included racial equality. By the 70s, it included women's equality, gay rights, and eliminating pollution.

Why, I wonder, does anyone think to define the term "liberal" to refer to self-styled "centrists" such as right-wing Democrats?

Mass arrests of protesting women

Lukashenko's thugs are now trying mass arrests of protesting women.

Urgent: Investigate attacks by thugs on BLM protesters in Wisconsin

Everyone: call on Wisconsin Attorney General Kaul to investigate attacks by thugs on BLM protesters.

Urgent: End oil drilling in California

Everyone: call on California Governor Newsom to end oil drilling in that state.

Urgent: MORE Act

US citizens: call on your congresscritter to support the MORE Act.

Urgent: discrimination against trans people

US citizens: call on the Department of Housing and Urban Development not to allow discrimination against trans people.


The UK government has replaced promotion of the most capable with promotion of the most politically loyal.

Michael Young, in The Rise of the Meritocracy, was perceptive. He saw that if society offered enough social mobility for capable people to get out of the working class won their own, that would leave the remaining workers with no one capable enough to organize them to stand up for their rights.

We must educate and promote capable people anyway, because the alternative is to let the incapable run things — but we must somehow prevent this from resulting in telling the less "meritorious" to suffer low pay and a life of hardship.

Wetland fires and drought

*Brazilian wetlands fires started by humans and worsened by drought.*

The people who set the fires are criminals who wanted to replace the wetlands with cattle ranching. Due to the drought, the large Pantanal wetland is not wet now.

Covid and education

*Covid is Widening Educational Inequalities for Children Around the World.*

Protecting buildings from fire

California could protect its buildings from fire with requirements for careful precautions.

More frequent fires outside the cities might result in less intense fires.

Endangered matsutake

Japan's red pine forests are endangered, and with them the prized matsutake mushroom.

Social worker

*In 2016, the Alexandria, Kentucky, police chief talked the city into hiring a social worker — and four years on, the current chief sees the program as indispensable.*

Ending lockdowns too soon

Warning Latin America not to end lockdowns too soon.

The US, and then Europe, have shown that this is likely to mean a new outbreak of Covid-19.

England has been trying to restrain the spread of Covid-19 with local restrictions, and being rather rigid about them, but it is not working.

I think the country needs nationwide measures. However, they don't need to be absolutely rigid. The UK's approach strikes me like measuring the distance between two people and fining them if is only 198 cm instead of 200 cm.

Neglect from prisons to deportation flights

The US deportation thugs extend their medical neglect for prisoners from the prisons to the deportation flights.

Racing to demolish environmental protections

The Environmental Poisoning Agency (formerly Environmental Protection Agency) races to demolish environmental protections.

Republicans are fighting on every level to keep the world moving steadily to a deadly 7C if heating.

Rebecca Solnit: Climate change, Covid – our hearts ache. But a new era is possible. We can do it.

Anti-government protests

*Thousands gather in Thailand for anti-government protest.*

AI on body cameras

Using AI recognition systems on body cameras could be a powerful system for teaching thugs to be less brutal. However, it could also be a powerful system for repression of everyone that comes into range of the camera.

To make body cameras serve and protect the people, rather than repress the people, we need to make sure that they capture video and audio when they should, and not when they shouldn't. I've made a technical proposal for part of that, but we also need proper laws about publishing the videos.

As for the idea that live monitoring of the video could enable a deescalation specialist to intervene and prevent a killing, that might have saved George Floyd. But many killings by thugs occur when thugs react without taking even a second to think. There would be no time to intervene, either. Meanwhile, the live transmission would imply transmitting the video all the time, which is wrong because most of the time the video should not be saved at all.

Investigating Barr

Congressional Democrats call for investigation of Barr for politicizing his office as Attorney General.

I don't know if this can have much effect. The bully has already placed his officials are above the law by showing that he will fire any inspector general that tries to investigate their crimes.

Smoke from wildfires

The smoke from wildfires, when breathed by pregnant women, causes lasting harm to their fetuses in later life.

In some US states, women could be prosecuted for breathing the smoke. Perhaps millions of women would commit this "crime".

One could imagine prosecuting oil companies too, but the right-wing officials in those states don't want to go after oil companies, only women.

Alexei Navalny recovery

Alexei Navalny is making a good recovery.

However, one thing makes me worry that his brain has been injured: a perverse inclination to use Instagram. ;-{.

Climate system's tipping points

We don't know where the climate system's tipping points are, but if one tips, it could tip others. Or it could block others.

It's like playing a pinball game with Earth as the ball.

Biden's Michigan campaign organization

Biden seems to have no presencial campaign organization in Michigan.

I wonder if this is because rational people are scared to go there, and especially scared to approach lots of strangers there.

Meanwhile, the wrecker has taught his followers a delusion of invulnerability. They don't feel inhibitions about meeting people on the street to reinforce their rejection of masks.

In effect, the wrecker has found a way to arrange that Republicans can do real canvassing and campaigning, while his rational opponents know it is not safe.

Social media, no substitute for real life

*Coronavirus Depression Spike Suggests Social Media Is No Substitute For Real Life.*

Thus, if you refuse to use Zoom, Netflix, Amazon and Facebook, you can do without them.

Reversal of DeJoy's postal sabotage

A US court has ordered reversal of DeJoy's postal sabotage.

(satire) Something to stick into your arm

(satire) *White House Vows To Have Something To Stick Into Your Arm By October.*

Rights of voters' postal ballots in New York State

New York State agreed to a court settlement which protects the rights of voters that sent in postal ballots against unjust rejection of their ballots.

Which states have not done this?

One-sided patriotic propaganda

The bullshitter wants to turn US history teaching into one-sided patriotic propaganda.

To a large extent, that's what US history teaching has tended to be: justifying actions of the US in conflict with other countries, and the winners in domestic disputes, with the exception of the Civil War: the supporters of the Confederacy perversely gained the upper hand about reconstruction.

However, it wasn't totally one-sided in the 60s. You could see that the indigenous people were cheated. Slavery was condemned.

We see a similar practice of propaganda history in China.

(satire) *Trump Signs Executive Order Establishing ‘1946 Commission’ To Teach How America Started At President’s Birth.*

50 Reasons the bully's administration is bad for workers

*50 reasons the bully's administration is bad for workers.*

(satire) Powerful gale has overwhelmed our electoral system

(satire) *With 30% of the U.S. electorate currently stumbling through the streets in pursuit of their ballots and shouting, ‘Wait, come back!’ we fear this sudden, powerful gale has overwhelmed our electoral system.*

Urgent: Stop supporting the Louisville thug department

US citizens: call on UPS, Humana, and Ford to stop supporting the Louisville thug department.

Urgent: Reject Chad Wolf as head of the Department of Harshness and Sadism

US citizens: call on your senators to reject Chad Wolf as head of the Department of Harshness and Sadism. He is too apt for harshness and sadism to be entrusted with official authority over it.

The Capitol Switchboard numbers are 202-224-3121, 888-818-6641 and 888-355-3588.

If you call please spread the word!