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US calls for explanation from North Korea over killing of South Korean

The United States Department of State said Thursday it wants an explanation from North Korea about the killing of a South Korean citizen who had drifted into DPRK waters. The U.S. condemned the incident after President Moon Jae-in had earlier described the shooting and burning of the ROK citizen as “shocking” and regretable. “We fully […]

Doctors Without Borders spends $1.4 million on TB hospitals, aid in North Korea

In its first international activity report since restarting its operations inside North Korea, Doctors Without Borders said on Sept. 22  that it had helped upgrade the facilities at two tuberculosis (TB) hospitals in North Hamgyong province in 2019, as part of its larger goal of treating TB in the DPRK. The organization — also known […]

Kim Jong Un secretly visited ICBM launcher factory weeks after Singapore summit

Ever since Kim Jong Un promised to work towards denuclearization in 2018, state media has either played down his visits to sites associated with the country’s nuclear weapons program — or hid them altogether. But now, NK News has found that Kim secretly visited a key nuclear weapons-related factory on U.S. Independence Day, less than […]

North Korea shot South Korean citizen and burned his body, ROK military says

Update at 3:50 p.m., 5:05 p.m., 5:25 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. KST on Sept. 24: This article has been updated to include comments from South Korea’s Presidential Blue House, the Ministry of Unification, the Coast Guard and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. North Korea shot and killed a 47-year-old South Korean official and then burned […]

ROK official may have been shot dead near disputed inter-Korean border

Weeks after the commander of U.S. Forces Korea said North Korea imposed “shoot-to-kill orders” on its border, South Korean media reported that an ROK official may have been shot dead after attempting to swim towards the North. A 47-year-old Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries official disappeared Monday from a patrol boat some 10 kilometers (6.2 […]

Why North Koreans ‘double defect’ to the DPRK after risking it all to run South

Today’s South Korea has more than 30,000 North Korean defectors living in it, many of whom fled their hometowns because of hunger and political repression. But a surprising number of defectors have also decided to return to the North — just last weekend, a defector was caught and arrested after attempting to return to the […]

Kim Yo Jong, gender roles and office life: What it’s like ‘Being in North Korea’

North Korea is often branded as a strange and mysterious “hermit kingdom,” but those who have spent a significant amount of time there will likely say the country is actually “80% normal.” At least that’s the case for Andray Abrahamian, author of “Being in North Korea” and a former Koret Fellow at Stanford University’s Walter […]

Will South Korea’s president ever stop pushing for diplomacy with the North?

Inter-Korean relations have been at a standstill, but South Korean President Moon Jae-in is trying to breathe new life into his peace efforts: Using Seoul’s handling of COVID-19 pandemic as a segway, Moon pitched a peace declaration and other cooperation involving North Korea to the international community on Tuesday. Speaking in a prerecorded video address […]

Moon calls for end of Korean War, but US & China skirt peninsula issues at UNGA

South Korean President Moon Jae-in proposed declaring an end to the Korean War during his United Nations General Assembly Speech on Tuesday, while U.S. and Chinese leaders skirted peninsula topics entirely in their respective speeches. Moon said he hoped the U.N. and the international community could help facilitate an end-of-war declaration, reiterating an inter-Korean goal […]

North Korea says it will reward skill — not seniority — in its party officials

It’s no secret that the North Korean leadership tends to be on the older side: With decades of experience under their belts, some top officials have been around since Kim Il Sung — the country’s founder — ruled the country. But Kim Jong Un himself is only 36 years old, and state media recently emphasized […]