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Dozens killed as Indonesia quake topples homes, buildings

More than 600 people were injured during the magnitude 6.2 quake, which sent people fleeing their homes in the darkness.

Entire Dutch government resigns over child welfare scandal

Investigations into child welfare payments wrongly labeled thousands of parents as fraudsters.

How much do people around the world trust the COVID vaccines?

CBS News foreign journalists give a glimpse of trust, and mistrust, in coronavirus vaccination plans in 9 countries, and what's behind them.

700 kids crossed the U.S. border alone after being required to wait in Mexico

"We never expected to experience so much suffering on this border," said one migrant father.

Coronavirus death toll tops 2 million worldwide

The United States, with about 4% of the world's population, has reported about one-fifth of all reported deaths globally.

Russia following U.S. to abandon Open Skies arms control treaty

For years, Moscow and Washington have blamed each other for letting arms control agreements fall by the wayside. There's only one left.

With new sub-launched missiles, North Korea aims to pressure Biden

After failed diplomacy with Trump, Kim Jong Un flouts new weaponry in huge military parade, but much of it remains unproven, and likely still needs work.

Pigeon thought to have crossed Pacific escapes death in Australia

Authorities thought it had made its way all the way from Oregon and considered it a biosecurity risk. But a U.S. bird group said an identifying band on its leg was fake.

Germany set to force big companies to put women in management

Under the pending law, any publicly traded company with at least 2 people on its executive board will have to ensure there's a woman among them.

North Korea's Kim sends rare New Year's cards to his people

The last time the leader of North Korea sent such a letter to ordinary citizens was on Jan. 1, 1995, according to Seoul's Unification Ministry.

Australia to kill pigeon that crossed Pacific Ocean from Oregon

The pigeon has been named Joe, after the U.S. president-elect.

Past COVID infection provides at least 5 months of immunity, study shows

Researchers noted that someone who's been infected may still be able to carry the virus and pass it on to others.

2020 is "effectively tied" for warmest year on record

New data from NASA, NOAA and Berkeley Earth show Earth's fever continues to escalate

Year after Ukraine plane downed by Iran, civilian jets still at risk

A lead investigator says Iran hasn't answered many questions about the shootdown of the civilian jet, but it wasn't the 1st such disaster, and he fears it won't be the last.

China finally lets WHO into Wuhan to probe COVID-19 origins

Given that it took China a year to let the international scientists in, don't count on any quick, definitive answers on where the coronavirus came from.

Tower of London raven goes missing, feared dead

According to folklore, if there are fewer than six ravens left to guard the tower, both the kingdom and country will collapse.

Pope Francis, predecessor Benedict, get a 1st shot of COVID vaccine

The current pontiff is 84 and missing half of a lung, while Pope Emeritus Benedict is 93, so both are at high risk of serious coronavirus complications.

Global watchdog says Iran flaunting nuclear program advances

The agency confirmed another advance in the program, complicating the incoming Biden administration's intention to have the U.S. rejoin the 2015 Iran nuclear pact.

One of the biggest mafia trials in history kicks off in Italy

350 defendants, 900 witnesses, 400 lawyers and a special court built to accommodate 1,000 people as Italy's notorious 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate faces justice.

Chaos at the Capitol, as seen by allies and adversaries around the world

Observers abroad who watched the attack unfold in Washington this week share some surprising perspectives about what it means for democracy.

U.K. tackles "disgraceful" free school meals after soccer star's tweets

"We MUST do better. This is 2021," the Manchester United star said.

Americans trust CEOs more than government, survey finds

The world is dealing with "an infodemic," said CEO Richard Edelman. "We don't trust the sources of information."

U.S. to require negative COVID-19 test for international travelers

A negative test is required for all passengers, regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated.

Aid group blasts U.S. terror label as "diplomatic vandalism" in Yemen

Mike Pompeo says designating Houthis, who control most of Yemen's population, a terror group will hold them accountable, but many believe it's civilians who will suffer.

Trump administration cancels controversial 11th hour foreign trips

Facing reported snubs by EU allies, Mike Pompeo's staying home, and Ambassador Kelly Craft won't visit Taiwan – a trip that would have infuriated China.

Cubans fear impact of U.S. terror designation, see "hope" in Biden

Trump policy, compounded by the pandemic, have left many Cubans with "no money," and the outgoing administration's parting salvo won't help.

Why the world's insects are dying a "death by a thousand cuts"

Two well known ones — honeybees and Monarch butterflies — best illustrate insect declines, experts say.

Tens of millions in the U.K. to be vaccinated by spring

The U.K. has launched its mass vaccination program in an effort to get the most vulnerable vaccinated by spring. Racecourses, sports stadiums and conference centers across the U.K. have been converted into vaccination centers as the country records over 81,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic. CBS News' Charlie D'Agata reports.

Trump rushes to enact asylum restrictions ahead of Biden presidency

One rule would allow border officials to disqualify migrants who exhibit symptoms of the coronavirus from U.S. asylum.

6 rangers killed in "devastating" attack on gorilla sanctuary

Deadly ambush marks the latest attack in the part of eastern Congo home to some of the world's last mountain gorillas.

Four strangers with the same name form a band

The Paul O'Sullivan Band recorded its first album during lockdown — giving members an outlet during a difficult year.

"I love life": Holocaust survivor and Olympian turns 100

Agnes Keleti recently celebrated her 100th birthday, and her 10 Olympic medals are just a part of her incredible life story.

Hong Kong leader accuses U.S. of hypocrisy after D.C. violence

Comparing anger over U.S. Capitol assault to support for Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement, Carrie Lam urges U.S. to "set aside their double standards."

Japan's leaders stubbornly insist Olympics "definitely" going ahead

As a 3rd wave of COVID-19 infections drives a widening state of emergency, the government is forging ahead with the Summer Games against the will of its people.

Trump re-designates Cuba as "state sponsor of terrorism"

Rep. Gregory Meeks, the new chair House Foreign Affairs Committee, said the designation would not help the Cuban people and seeks only to tie the hands of the Biden administration.

2021 CES: New products revealed at this year's all-virtual tech conference

CNET's Brian Cooley joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss new tech being revealed at 2021's CES including Samsung's new robotic assistants and devices with rollable screens. He also talks about the top tech trends for the year, including medical devices to help us stay healthy.

U.K. opens mass-vaccination centers in race to curb COVID-19 surge

Officials says the worst of the pandemic is about to hit as a highly-infectious variant spreads, so at 7 huge new vaccine centers, it's a "race against time."

Man dies after judge forces clinic to use unproven COVID treatment

The 92-year-old patient's family went to court to insist that a clinic give him chlorine dioxide, a known toxin touted online as a "miracle cure."

Black box from Indonesian jet recovered from ocean floor

Flight data recorder from Sriwijaya Air jet that plunged into the sea just after takeoff with 62 people on board should help explain the crash, but another black box is still missing.

Footwear maker Doc Martens plans to go public in London

Investors want to cash in on the footwear maker's rapid growth now that its chunky shoes are hip again.

Paris mayor forges ahead with plan to greenify iconic Champs-Élysées

Many Parisians feel the world's "most beautiful avenue" has lost its luster, including businesses eager for a $305 million makeover to turn it into an "extraordinary garden."

Pope expands women's roles in Church, but draws a line at priesthood

Francis has changed a 1972 rule that said only men could serve at the altar in virtually any capacity, but he's drawn a clear line under priesthood.

China faces backlash over claim to have "emancipated" women's minds

Twitter removed a post by China's D.C. envoy claiming Beijing's "process of eradicating extremism" in a Muslim region meant women were "no longer baby-making machines."

Chaos at the Capitol, as seen by our allies and adversaries

Observers abroad who have watched the attack unfold in Washington this week share some surprising perspectives with correspondent Seth Doane about what it means for democracy.

China warns Trump admin on "dangerous path" with Taiwan outreach

Days before landmark visit by a senior U.S. official, enabled by a key policy change, Beijing says the moves will see the U.S. "severely punished by history."

Human remains and debris from Indonesian jet found in sea

Parts of the Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737 have also been pulled off the seafloor, but divers haven't yet confirmed the location of the flight data and cockpit voice recorders.

Most Japanese say postpone or cancel the Olympics as COVID surges

Overwhelming response to polling by Japanese news outlets is bad news for Tokyo organizers, who keep pushing for the delayed summer Games despite the pandemic.

World leaders shocked over U.S. Capitol siege

America's allies and other world leaders were shocked by the assault on the U.S. Capitol while our enemies found reason to gloat. Elizabeth Palmer reports.

Some countries using Capitol riots to undermine democracy at home

The U.S. has long been a global beacon of democracy, but the assault on Capitol Hill is helping some foreign officials to undermine its influence.

Foreign reaction to the "disgraceful scenes" at the U.S. Capitol

America's adversaries revelled and allies shook their heads in dismay at the assault on the heart of U.S. democracy on Wednesday.